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325 Smiths Pond Road, Shavertown, PA 18708

Phone Number:

(570) 674-7991
(Amy Salansky & Mike Schlauch typically work out of the Luzerne County Ag Service Center in Plymouth.  Amy can be reached at 570-938-3022 and Mike can be reached at 570-938-3018.)

Fax Number:

(570) 674-7989

Email Addresses:

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For general information or requests, please send an email to

To email specific staff members:

District email addresses are of a standard format, “first name”  Use the staff member’s actual first name (as shown below) in place of “first name” (i.e.

Heather Graham, Erosion & Sediment Control Program Coordinator
Debbie Josuweit, Administrative Assistant
John Levitsky, Watershed Specialist
Josh Longmore, Executive Director
Amy Salansky, Agricultural Conservation Specialist
Mike Schlauch, Ag & Roads Programs Conservation Specialist
Phil Trowbridge, E&S Program Technician
Amber Martin, Education/Outreach & MDC Program Conservation Specialist