Who Are We?

In 1964, the Luzerne County Commissioners established the Luzerne Conservation District out of concern for the conservation of the natural, scenic, historic, and aesthetic resources of the county.

The district is a local agency that conducts regulatory/voluntary compliance, technical assistance, and education/outreach activities.  We accomplish our mission through cooperation with landowners and land users, by working with other public and private organizations, and by increasing citizen awareness of their responsibility to be good stewards of natural resources.

As one of the sixty six conservation districts in Pennsylvania, we are involved in developing local programs and implementing on-the-ground practices to protect the soil and water resources in Luzerne County.  The district is led by a nine-member board of directors consisting of local volunteers and a county council member.  Currently, there are ten staff members who implement district programs that are developed and carried out to best serve the specific needs of the natural resources and people of the county.



Chairman – Timothy Ference, Public Director

Vice Chairman – John (Jay) Wilkes, Jr., Public Director

Secretary – Tracey Stevens, Farmer Director

Treasurer – Timothy J. Connolly, Jr, Public Director

Leonard J. Burger, Jr., Farmer Director

John P. Hanish, Jr., Public Director

Chris Maylath, Farmer Director

Gary Moyer, Farmer Director

Matthew Vough, County Council Member Director



Heather Graham, E&S Program Coordinator

Debbie Josuweit, Administrative Assistant

John Levitsky, Watershed Specialist

Josh Longmore, Executive Director

Amber Martin, Education/Outreach & MDC Program Conservation Specialist

Amy Salansky, Ag Conservation Specialist

Mike Schlauch, Ag & Roads Program Conservation Specialist

Phil Trowbridge, E&S Program Conservation Specialist

Ron Jesse, Building & Grounds Keeper (part time)

Vacant, MDC Program Technician (seasonal)