Public Records

Before filing a formal Right to Know Law request, consider requesting a file review first. 

How to Informally Request Information or Records from the District:

The Luzerne Conservation District has extensive public information at our office. It is easy to access this information often times without filing a Right-To-Know Law (RTKL) request.  The District encourages the public to contact our office for a general file review.  Documentation that is reviewed/copied during a file review generally does not differ in quality or quantity from a RTKL request.  Also, a file review does not preclude an individual from subsequently filing a RTKL request.

General File Review

The quickest and easiest way to review District records is to call the office and schedule a file review. The District typically fulfills such requests by scheduling file reviews within a few days.  A file review may provide access to the information you seek without having to utilize the formal RTKL process.  If you do not know exactly what documents you are looking for, a general review of the District’s files regarding the matter of concern is recommended.

Copying Records

The District’s copying abilities are limited to 11” by 17” or smaller documents.  Copy fees are listed in the Public Records Access Policy.  The District can make arrangements to have larger documents copied at the requestor’s expense.  The requester may also hire a copier service or bring a copier.

Available Records

The extensive range of records the District routinely provides access to for public inspection include: notifications, inspection reports, notices of violation, applications, design plans, permit review letters, permits, approvals, denials, public comments, and external correspondence. Personal identification information within these records will be made available to the public unless the person providing that information requests that it be treated as confidential. Documents that are exempted as public records under the RTKL are also not available for inspection during a file review.

How to make a formal Right to Know Law Records Request:

The district’s Right To Know Policy and Procedure establishes the procedures for meeting its obligations under the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law.  It applies to all formal requests for “public records.”  The district recognizes the value of making information available to the public, and is committed to continually improving public access to public information and fostering public participation in the decision-making process.

The Board of Directors has designated the Executive Director as its Open Records Officer. All requests for public records are administered by the Open Records Officer.  Requests should be directed to the Open Records Officer at the following address, using the Request Form contained in the policy:

Joshua Longmore, Executive Director
Luzerne Conservation District
325 Smiths Pond Road
Shavertown, PA 18708

Or by fax at: (570) 674-7989

Or by email at:

The full policy, including a Request Form and Fee Schedule, can be accessed by clicking here.

Call (570) 674-7991 with questions.